F1RST Impact Day 2023

On November 27th, we celebrated the inaugural Impact Day for F1RST, founded by the Daniel Sachs Foundation and the Stockholm School of Economics. With a mission to tear down barriers to educational opportunities, F1RST empowers talents from underrepresented backgrounds, guiding them from their first career dreams in 8th grade to their first career moves post-university.

Hosted generously by the Bonnier family at Nedre Manilla, the evening was filled with a sense of community and collective accomplishment, bringing together corporate partners, schools, and our talent community.

The results from the first-year pilot project speak form themselves: 

  • >700 members mobilized
  • 1,651 opportunities created
  • 47 activities executed
  • 34 job opportunities enabled
  • 2 members enrolled at SSE
F1RST Impact Day 2023