What we do

Democracy is not a state. It’s an act. Our work encompasses revitalizing politics, fostering inclusivity and championing artistic expression to inspire new futures.

Our work can broadly be sorted into the following themes:

  • 1. Vital Politics

    Despite democracy being under threat, we are hopeful for the future. Around the world, people continue to mobilize for social change and challenge power. In particular, many young people and disadvantaged communities take to the streets, rallying around issues that affect us all, from climate change to systemic racism. We believe we can build better politics by reimaging who holds power, how it is exercised and how people connect to it.

    Vital Politics
  • 2. Inclusive Society

    Inclusion and equity stand as fundamental pillars of thriving democracies. Beyond mere instrumental benefits to society, the pursuit of equal rights and opportunities is inherently a matter of justice. Our commitment is centered on empowering the emerging generation to lead their communities, nurturing their capacity to drive positive change and level the playing field for disadvantaged groups.

    Inclusive Society
  • 3. Originality in the Arts

    Art serves as a lens through which we can comprehend our history and present moment. It offers a canvas for envisioning new futures. As a catalyst for societal change, the freedom of artistic expression embodies the essence of free and democratic societies. We are committed to supporting artists and original ideas that hold the potential to spark change and shape the contours of tomorrow.

    Originality in the Arts