The path towards a vital democracy is paved by a new generation empowered to reimagine a shared future.

Who we are

A global foundation working to revitalize democracy

The Daniel Sachs Foundation was founded on the conviction that the path towards a vital democracy is paved by a new generation empowered to reimagine a shared future.

What we do

Empowering new voices to reimagine society

We develop projects that bridge the gap between civil society and institutions, aligning with three core themes: Vital Politics, Inclusive Society, and Artistic Originality.

Our keystone projects

    Born from a deep concern for the state of our democracies, and a deep-rooted optimism that change is possible, Multitudes is a new foundation and funder that supports the emerging ecosystem of organizations in Europe reimagining political power.

    Apolitical Foundation fosters courageous, ethical and trusted 21st Century politicians by incubating non-partisan organizations in the political leadership space and convening a global community of political leadership entrepreneurs.

    F1RST aims to democratize higher education, matching talents with opportunities to promote a more inclusive and diverse Swedish business sector. F1RST was founded in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics.

    In partnership with the Runner's Academy, Run for Office encourages underprivileged youth to take an active role in democracy by offering leadership programs, mentorships, and convenings.

    ‘Politikerskolan’ is a non-partisan political leadership incubator launched by DSF in 2016. The program cultivates diverse groups of emerging leaders in Sweden to run for elected office and was awarded 'Social Impact Initiative of the Year' in 2019.

    The Diakité & Sachs Award is given to an emerging artist or creator who uses their artistry or their voice in other ways to raise a social issue or drive social change.

How we work

Seeding new projects 
through funded activism

We advance our mission by building new initiatives following a strategy designed for experimentation, agility and collaboration. We call this flexible framework to creating impact ‘funded activism’.